Advocare Cleanse day 1

Alright So this is Day 1 of my Advocare cleanse the 3rd time I’ve done it! This time around i am in the worst nutritional state so I’m really glad to be doing this! I’ve had a GREAT summer and now i have to get ready for a vacation to CABO in November (real motivation huh) Any who i told you all i would be documenting my cleanse with you so HEREEEE WE GOO (anyone know children’s story – Slick Rick?! no no.. ok :p )


SO i started out with the peaches and cream** herbal cleanse fiber drink 4-6 (6 for me)  and egg whites with approx 1 cup of fruit// if i was still hungry i could have made original oats! ill get into that tomorrow!


FIRST IM SO SORRY for the foot the way it is in the photo HAHA // i have the WORST blister from the Ben Bridge 2014 RING DASH//no we didn’t win and sad part it was like two weeks ago….i still have one horrible blister haha anyways Grapes and Almonds measured out … one cup for snack about 2 hours after breakfast! Even though i wasn’t that hungry i need to make sure I’m speeding up my metabolism!


SECOND SORRY …. if this is how some of you are meeting me I’m usually smiling haha! Follow me on instagram @savsmiles123…alright back on topic … Lunch//afternoon snack. I was really late on prepping yesterdays meals so it was ridiculously boring and simple  2 lbs of turkey for me and Mr.Handsome  as well as a bunch of roasted brocolli (no carbs this day) basically this is why I’m making this face cause i really wasn’t digging the turkey by the end of the day. This is PRIME reason why prepping ahead makes for a far less traumatic experience :p HAHA no it wasn’t that bad i prepped better tonight!


OHHHH HEYYYY speaking of that prep! looks whats for dinner  ……. JALAPEÑO//CILANTRO//LIME//ONION//GARLIC**CHICKEN BREAST holy delish…

on the side i made some GARLIC//BELL PEPPER BRUSSELS&BROWNRICE , it was so easy guys! popped BOTH the brussels and the boobs in the oven at about 350 for 40 ish minutes maybe an hour while the brown rice cooked in the rice cooker,AMAZING dinner andddd guess what LUNCH IS MADE FOR TOMORROW AS WELL! VIOLA!

Some struggles HE had were finding things to drink at night other then water so i ended up cutting up some green apples and lemons and throwing the apples in a shakier cup squeezing the crap out of a lemon on top of it until i had about half a cup of juice on the bottom and filing the rest up with water it was like apple lemonade and perfect for him to get over his hurdle!

For me the hardest part was stuffing the food down my face but down get me wrong if you would have stuck a burger there i would have SMASHED IT thats how i know i was hungry but i had to push through it ….. which i did and i KNOW my boy will thank me with the next tough workout!

now I’m gonna delve into what I’m taking on the cleanse and what they do to you! hope you stay tuned with the 10 day cleanse and let me know if you have ANY questions or want to join! the Link is under my advocare page//underconstruction or you can email me for more info! 

What you see pictured in pill form to take in the morning is the CATALYST & the OMEGAPLEX

***not pictured the HERBAL CLEANSE pill (taken before bed)

….and then we have the DRINKS (notthekindwereusedtoo) we have the SPARK for energy yum , and the FIBER DRINK!

now what the hell are all these things?!


***an amino acid supplement that preserves, firms and tones your muscles! it also enhances stretch and provides sustained energy during physical activity! WHO CANT USE A LITTLE OF THAT!? 🙂

To be taken 3 times a day 30 minutes before each meal OR to be taken 1 time a day 30 minutes before working out*

OMEGAPLEX // omega-3 fatty acid dietary supplement!

*** its a unique blend of essential fatty acids for daily health and beauty! (my nails love me for this)

SIDE NOTE-consumption of omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease!

**take two of these twice a day//in the morning and once at dinner


You start your morning off with this either during or before breakfast! && alright the reason I’m emphasizing the peaches and cream is because if you get this in the form of “citrus” its been told to be HORRID for lack of a better words :/ HIGHLY recommend the P//C its actually delish!

anyways…. 10 GRAMS of fiber per serving aiding you in appetite control as well as supporting healthy….mmm regularity, if you know what i mean! 😉

Ending the night with the Herbal cleanse pill// a unique blend of vitamins minerals and herbs the cleansing tablets help to safely and gently mobilize and remove wastes!

p.s night cap i really thought the end of my struggles were over after taking my FAVORITE fresh bread that has about 3 small loafs left over to my neighbor so it would tempt me during my cleanse my OTHER sweet little neighbor boy knocked on my door and gave us freakin’ fresh COOKIES ….ah man I GOT THIS 

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