Rocksbox – & 1 FREE MONTH!


 “I HAVE ENOUGH JEWELRY.” -Said no one ever

“Welcome to Rocksbox! This is the beginning of a seriously beautiful friendship! I started Rocksbox because i LOVE new jewelry but i was tired of buying pieces that i only wear once or twice. SO i created Rocksbox: a service that gives you access to wear unlimited designer jewelry, with the option to buy the pieces you LOVE!” -Meaghan Rose CEO & CO-FOUNDER

These are just some of the first things you will read when you open up your very own ROCKS BOX! They do all the hard work for you and after a STYLE QUIZ and putting my trust in their designer team i am about to share with you my very first Rocksbox…. FIRST, i wanted to let you know that this company reached out to me to check out this amazing program…… but they didn’t stop there they are giving my FOLLOWERS one free month as well! GO GET YOURS enter code: savsmilesxoxo at check out! and Happy Styling!


UM REALLY?!?! i had to MAJORLY highlight and compliment this personal touch i just about blushed to death! haha ❤ 

      -KENDRA SCOTT//Calvin ring in rose gold drusy–  


-PERRY STREET//Gema studs-


-SLATE//Lizzie Necklace-

image10    *Keep in mind this was MY style quiz so go find out YOURS! 🙂 &make sure to get your code for a free month in this blog, listed above!

Blooper moment below i couldn’t take a photo of this necklace to save my life! HAHAH causing some unnecessary frustration HAHAHAH all i have to say is PHOTOGRAPHING JEWELRY IS NOT LIKE TAKING A SELFIE haha 


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