Philosophy is the one for me

I went through some major skin changes this year between hormones and stress. Practically overnight it seemed EVERYTHING in my make up bag or under my sink that had been reliable to me for longer than i could remember was giving me EXTREME reactions…. It was time for a BIG change no longer was my skin young and unbreakable. I sat with a beauty pro at the San Fran Sephora and we talked it out after about 3 months of suggested products and adding a few more i can finally say my skin is CLEAN AND CLEAR!



my skin philosophy.jpg

RENEWED HOPE IN A JAR :Philosophy skin labs’ original breakthrough moisturizer is changing the face of skin care again. the revolutionary lightweight, whipped formula of hope in a jar is renewed and infused with a new innovation: clinically proven skin renewal technology. this groundbreaking formulation features a triple blend of alpha hydroxy acids, 3 forms of hyaluronate plus an asian fruit extract, delivering an even longer-lasting glow and continuous hydration benefits. reaffirm your commitment to beautiful skin with renewed hope and face the future with a whole new outlook.

NO REASON TO HIDE : Discover our first multi-tasking moisturizer that can instantly even out the look of your skin tone and texture in just one step. our hydrating formula perfects the appearance of uneven areas and enhances complexion with natural-looking coverage. your complexion is enhanced and looks: beautifully even, virtually poreless, refreshed and radiant, healthy and smooth. over time a maintenance dose of our most advanced skintone transforming ingredients help you discover a naturally beautiful complexion with no reason to hide.

PURITY MADE SIMPLE : Our award-winning cleanser is loved by all for its multitasking, 3-in-1 approach to cleansing. gently cleanses and melts away face and eye makeup in one simple step, while toning and lightly hydrating. skin is left feeling perfectly clean, comfortable and balanced.

DETOXIFY PEEL:The oxygen peel is a two-step skin rejuvenation treatment for environmentally-damaged and problem skin. this unique, long-standing customer favorite bathes the skin in oxygen, while rapidly exfoliating, smoothing and hydrating the skin. use of this peel will help relieve congested and blocked pores, buffer fine lines, minimize the appearance of large pores and improve overall skin texture, resulting in skin that is radiantly clear and beautifully bright. kit includes catalase enzyme capsules, oxygen (hydrogen peroxide) foam, mixing cup and spatula.

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