1ST PHORM athlete search (1of3)





My names Savannah Powell aka SavSmiles or Savsmiles123 on Instagram. I laugh too loud, I think too much (WAY too much haha) and Fitness is the light in any darkness for me!

I’m gonna get SUPER vulnerable and candid with you on this journey as I embark on 1STPhorm’s ATHLETE search, I’ve used their products for about a year now and I’ll be honest just gave up on the last athlete search ’cause I got in my own head about how I didn’t have much to offer a team because what am I an athlete of? I don’t compete in bikini comps and I don’t play for a bad ass professional team but ya know what…… I am NASM certified and proud of that knowledge. I am an athlete of my life, I am an athlete for my anxiety cause i like kickin’ that things ass! I am an athlete here for anyone that can’t find the courage to get up and start for themselves…..because despite what you may see I too once thought this shit was for the “lucky” I AM an athlete of many forms and I’ll be damned if the one person that doesn’t believe in me at the end of the day is myself! HERE WE GO!

P.S    When I say WE I mean it please please join me if you’ve ever thought about this or even if you’ve done it on the last round & you have a message you deserve to show the world! ENTER THE ATHLETE SEARCH WITH ME, HERE!

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