I am paralyzed

I personally cannot believe I’m able to wear shorts my legs have been my biggest insecurity and even in this photo i wanted to talk bad but F THAT

Ever had so much to do you want to just take a nap or do nothing at all? 

HAHA (Dont gotta lie to kick it here 😉 )

    Ok, well i’m not actually talking about that here but these past two years I have become (self-proclaimed)  PARALYZED BY MY POTENTIAL! 😉 I have such passion inside me to be above average that sometimes I don’t even know which direction to channel my energy! …Also when i say above average, I don’t mean filthy rich or have a fancy home, even though some of that stuff may be what your goals are and that’s freakin’ awesome, (Go get that shit!)…..I mean being truly HAPPY with myself,my productivity, and my life in general. Now a days that IS above average…so many people settle for mediocrity and are upset with the world over things they can truly change. 

   I don’t know everything by any means but I do know that there’s blatantly a SHIT ton of things in this world we cannot change (I mean look at our presidential candidates or just the emotional state of the world right now for god sake haha) but I, you, we would be just stupid to not control the one thing we can, that’s our attitude, our work ethic, our whole vibe in general!!! If you don’t spread good energy what do you expect to come back around to you?

    I am determined to surround my self with like minded individuals….people that will challenge me to get OUT of my comfort zone a CHARGE for my dreams or at least be able to clearly define the things I truly want out of life.

So Paralyzed by my potential … or just being a little P***Y? (haha yeah I…kinda..said it)

Its my time….AND IT CAN BE YOURS TOO Let’s go! 😉 

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