Why SavSmiles???

I was raised in a small town East of San Francisco living a seemingly steady and comfortable life, always wondering how and WHAT I would be when I “grew up”

Fast forward to high school, I hadn’t (successfully) played every sport nor did I have the best body, already broken down by middle school name calling…as a matter of fact, I was very opinion driven…the thoughts of my peers practically would make or break me. 

Come senior year, I guess I never really had anything I could call my OWN…I think I immersed myself into all you could name when it comes to working out after enduring a “lost love” (& I WASN’T in shape) ranging from, crossfit to yoga,long distance runs, boot camps & HIIT classes, Shit I even got NASM certified! 🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏽🏄🏻‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

All this while trying to find where my “place” was…not even realizing that the whole time, by taking myself out of my comfort zone 🚧…I was actually creating it by inspiring others to do the same!

@S a v S m i l e s 1 2 3 was born!



  1. Sav, you are such an inspiration to me ! It is such an amazing gift to personally know someone who has reached many fitness goals and continues to set more further goals to succeed. I love your drive and you motivate me in every way ! Keep up the great work girly ! I see you! I’m glad that man of yours has found you and you him. You deserve it all!

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  2. HI SAV this is La Reina from Insta ‘SWEETNYCS” I Love you hun, I thought of something are you going to do Fitness for us prego woman?? Congratulation again I am due in Jan 2019, for now just doing a lot of walking in the mornings but definitely no more p90X’s lol I am a high risk prego due to my type 1 diabetes and it only makes it tougher but I will succeed, with your help of course! keep it up hun, Love Sweetnycs
    I still cant believe were prego at the same time lol

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