JOIN ME! x Carlsbad 5000 info

JUST DOIN' IT Its how we get the dirty dishes done and the dreaded laundry, WE...JUST...FREAKIN'...DO...IT! ...Essentially how I started this running mission...and this entire fitness journey of mine. So, I'm reaching out challenging you and anyone you might think needs a kick in the ass to run with me for the Carlsbad 5000!! ANYONE and [...]


Will you go the #ExtraMile? – Asics America

#ExtraMile ENTRY LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE As I'm just getting into running more and more in this portion of my journey, having just finished my first 5k anything MOTIVATING to run for just truly calls my name, When i came across the asics instagram page promoting this challenge, after a little research I'm THRILLED [...]