JOIN ME! x Carlsbad 5000 info



Its how we get the dirty dishes done and the dreaded laundry, WE…JUST…FREAKIN’…DO…IT! …Essentially how I started this running mission…and this entire fitness journey of mine.

So, I’m reaching out challenging you and anyone you might think needs a kick in the ass to run with me for the Carlsbad 5000!!

ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome to join…If you’re already running, let me know so I can say hi! 

Get yourself there and ill make sure you finish, i’m not saying i’m going to turn you into a runner or even that you’re going to enjoy it but i am guaranteeing that ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO…..YOU WILL ACHIEVE!!

arrow-right        Join me here! 

Remember to use discount code “VIZ” for 5 dollars off!
*Disclaimer: My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

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