My first 10k + Race Recap


MARDI GRAS| 10K San Diego,CA

 I am FINALLY getting to share with you guys my experience running 6 miles without stopping for the first time!


Rise & Shine:


I was ready as my brain was going to let me be…KT tape lined up, 1st phorm protein shake ready to go, gym bag packed & outfit set out….wait is that rain i hear?! HOLY SHIT hah in all my worrisome thoughts and extreme cases that could have played out today RAIN was absolutely NOT on my list! HAHAHHAHAH

Bib Pick-up:


I was about 45 minutes from the event so I picked up my bib the morning of, I don’t always love that because i get this sense of urgency that is pretty much unnecessary! Don’t stress you will get your bib whether you’re first in line or last! 😉 ….but i know the feeling hahaha I had got my bib and was ready to….wait for another hour before race time!


Pre-Race Surprise!


So there is definitely such a thing as pre race jitters and you will notice when any remotely close bathroom you come across has a line spilling out and around whatever corner is near… and no this is not what I mean when I say pre-race surprise lolll I had about 30 minutes to spare and there was a Hilton next door so my boyfriend and I walked over to find the nearest restroom in the lobby lucky for us there was a woman sitting down having coffee, playing with her dog…I’m going to back track & remind you of my Fancy under Forty post, not because of the clothes this time…because i had mentioned seeing my all time favorite musical RENT!….well long story short of all people i could run into at the hilton at 6:45 in the morning….I met the original Maureen….wickeds Elpheba…Frozens QUEEN ELSA… ok ok you get the picture, I had a pre race wish of luck from IDINA MENZEL! ah it was so freaking cool to recognize her and meet her, only later to learn that her soon to be hubby ran the half marathon portion of my race! (and played in the DISNEY original Mighty Ducks haha, picture below!)

Idina Menzel & Fiance Aaron Lohr


7:10 AM

This was the course!

I remember hearing the national anthem & my heart starting to pound, I walked toward the starting line leaving any last bit of support behind (I ran alone) There i was at the starting line with tears in my eyes… hands were shaking “how did i get here?”…why the hell did i sign up for this….i paid for this?!….are you sure you can do this haha  a MILLION thoughts ran through me but before I could even realize it i was in the THICK of the first mile, in the rain & IT FELT GOOOOOD. I had a few muscle aches and music fits but I turned on BEYONCE’S lemonade and made.shit.happen!!! By mile 4.5 i knew that there was no way or nothing that was going to stop me from achieving this goal that was set for myself…by myself! Crossing the finish line (8:35 AM) was truthfully one of the most emotionally satisfying moments to realize that I AM STRONGER than my WEAK MIND….and taking comfort in knowing that once “weak mind” has accomplished just one more task on the path of its BEST SELF! 😉

P.S Thats totalllly me HAHAHAH ok ok, at least thats how I felt!

giphy (1).gif





I woke up to a special shout out from @inspiringwomenrunners and the comments were amazing!!!!



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