Learning to love the process

Fitness.... like so many other aspects of our life takes a CRAP TON of patience. You can find yourself getting lost in STRICTLY the results , or lack of results sadly. When in truth results through fitness is a lot like watching a plant grow. You can stare at it all you want but you [...]

Creatures of habit

Here i am ....at the beach ...with a FREAKIN' water! This almost felt odd... you know why?! because i am a creature of habit, much like many of you. Meaning a lot of the time i end up (subconsciously) tying food cravings to activities.... example; i live coastal i am almost ALWAYS heading to the [...]

How to stay motivated! (?)

Let’s be real here.... there's a question mark at the end of this title because everyone is motived by different things! I originally asked you guys to shoot me some questions to answer I got a WOPPING 5 .... 4 of them were about staying motivated....so I figured HEY this will be my first post! [...]