Learning to love the process


Fitness…. like so many other aspects of our life takes a CRAP TON of patience. You can find yourself getting lost in STRICTLY the results , or lack of results sadly. When in truth results through fitness is a lot like watching a plant grow. You can stare at it all you want but you wont see DRASTIC changes from dwelling on it, if anything you may KILL it from over doing or overthinking it all. Sure enough though if you keep watering and feeding that plant on a CONSISTENT basis the next time you take a look back at your HARD work sure as shit your flowers will be blooming! The key i want whomever is reading to take from all of this is simply learning to LOVE the process of strengthening and nurturing your own body really honing in on how good you truly can feel from all of this….next respect the process and simply know that it will in fact be a long one! Once we can accept this inalienable truth we start to really enjoy the journey that we set out on for ourselves we can start to realize that even the smallest of changes came from the hardest of work!

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