Loving yourself-CONFIDENT//notCOCKY

SO many times i get people asking me about fitness//confidence and giving me the excuses of why they haven’t done it or more often why they think they can’t do it… i hate that word, can’t. Anyways its slightly astonishing how many people simply put themselves LAST … and how many people truthfully feel as though they don’t have time…. or they are too tired! On the contrary to what people believe there is so much VALUE in loving your self and taking care of your self not just physically but mentally//i really believe & have experienced that they both come hand in hand!  When you allow your self to really love yourself inside and out you will find a sense of inner freedom and realize you had a whole lot of “wasted energy” going into what you wish you were doing or what you absolutely dislike about yourself OR YOUR LIFE! What i think people fail to grasp  is when you achieve this peace with yourself whether it be mental,physical,or the best//BOTH it in turn gives you SO MUCH free time to love others all around you!! Do you see what i did there? FREE TIME!  When people believe that they don’t have the time to do WHATEVER it is will make them happy//healthy inside and out,they are greatly and sadly mistaken…. it’s not and never will be about having the time to workout ,to organize that closet, prep that healthy lunch or go to that sunday yoga class. No no It’s about MAKING the time!! Don’t ever over think it 15-30 minutes a day focused on a better YOU that’s all it takes! if that seems daunting make it shorter. Working out daily is tough … eating clean is not always the most fun but i can really say I’ve NEVER regret a work out // I’ve NEVER regret the results and strength a good healthy meal brings me, or what 10 minutes of positive thoughts in the morning can do for my attitude! Most important though, at least to me I’ve never regret the true sense of confidence and peace that taking care of my body and mind bring me. I can truthfully say that loving my SELF has made loving and helping others so much easier In the end how you treat yourself really sets the standard for how others will treat you!


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