When I began SAVSMILES I never dreamed of brands like ADIDAS reaching out to me...let alone having a continuous relationship with them. Something like this doesn't just LAND in your lap, my fire burns for inspiring you guys...for letting you know that whether you think you CAN or you CAN'T, you're right!!!! At the [...]

All you need is….a FREE @adidas SPORTS BRA! | GIVEAWAY

  UPDATE- 11/29/2016 2:45pm:  WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN TOMORROW WEDNESDAY 11/30/2016 MAKE SURE TO ENTER ON @Savsmiles123 INSTAGRAM     EVERY WOMAN NEEDS 3 THINGS ON HER FIT JOURNEY... That list does NOT include diet pills, an expensive gym membership, fancy gadgets or powdered weight loss "potions" hahah truly all you need is a good [...]

I’m really good at being me!

So this will most likely be followed up with some type of a VLOG because i have so much to say about this subject. Last night i was working out thinking to myself about being more consistent on this blog thing or perhaps just blabbing to you guys on my you tube channel without worrying [...]


Beyond ecstatic to announce I am a newly certified personal trainer!!!! I've been a little MIA lately to make sure I was prepared and now im SO happy to apply all my knowledge and get this ball rolling!! Thanks to all my current followers and CHEERS to the new ones! 2016 is OURS! P.S I [...]