HARD ROCK CAFE 5K- out of my zone

I was so graciously gifted an opportunity to enter the HARD ROCK CAFE 5K/10K

since i just found out this week and i am by no means a runner i am doing the 5k and have been slowly getting into running this past month on my own, i am far more of a circuit trainer but i am only as strong as my greatest weakness so this weekend I’m going for it with @Dianakmir (Who just did a marathon last weekend, what the heck! hahaha)|THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!

WISH ME LUCK – I’ll update you guys with a VLOG after the race! 


Hi Savannah Powell

You have a race coming up and we want to make sure you know your number heading into the event.

Your Number is:514

Distance: 5K

Attach the race number to the front your shirt using 4 safety pins.
Attach the timing chip to your shoe laces using two twist ties.  Timing Chips must be returned at the Finish Line.


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