Running away from fear!-HARD ROCK CAFE 5K/10K RESULTS

I've lost fat, I've gained muscle, I've had abs & I've built quads but running has always been a huge mental hurdle of mine, 33 minutes & 3.1 miles out of my comfort zone and fear no more! I cannot believe I finally freaking RAN a 5k, I have had this mental BLOCK for running [...]


Beyond ecstatic to announce I am a newly certified personal trainer!!!! I've been a little MIA lately to make sure I was prepared and now im SO happy to apply all my knowledge and get this ball rolling!! Thanks to all my current followers and CHEERS to the new ones! 2016 is OURS! P.S I [...]

Fit couple beach workout!

*Sorry about the language! Song featured on the Movie Southpaw! fun fact this is Dana Lynn Bailey's husband for all you flag nor fail/ body building fans out there! Try this and drag a partner! 50 squats 50 push-ups 50 scissor kicks 50 sit-ups 50 burpees! (or ups downs) *QUICK TIP-split your sets into TWO making [...]