You aren’t going anywhere without a fight|a speech by Forest Whitaker


(ORIGINALLY POSTED 9/18/2015, came across this again and decided to re post)

Last night I got home from a long day damn near 5 to 5 I was feeling totally drained.My boyfriend had already turned on CBS Thursday night football when the dramatic music crescendos in and I hear this speech meant for my soul! Felt all to compelled to share!

How many people in this room have ever had one of those days when everything just … starts out wrong… wrong side of the bed… wrong side of the pillow, whatever. How many of you? Raise your hands….That’s what I thought, All of you. Now when the world does that to me….. I’m gonna tell you what I do, I savor it. That’s right, Savor it.

  Let me tell you why… cause you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon without a struggle… without a fight…. without people DOUBTING you,questioning you… trying to keep you down! Too many of you don’t realize that … what is the point of succeeding if succeeding is easy? I never got that … never understood people who wish they were born rich. Never understood athletes who just wanted to join the best teams! Build your own business…start your own dynasty! 

   A good start to a day is easy. I want no part of easy! I want the struggle, I want the fight I want the pain but then I want the BEST FEELING OF ALL the feeling that the world did everything it could to beat me but, i won!  -Forest Whitaker

Watch the actual commercial below or right here

(I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE online so its recorded on my phone sorry for the sound quality)


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