Blurred lines…”Faux” Social media!


I was “going to bed” the other AKA aimlessly refreshing my feeds and scrolling through Pinterest feeling like i need to replace everything in my closet HAHA when I stumbled across this photo. I was LEGIT filled with anger…..thinking something along the lines of “I call BS!” (love that card game btw,anyone ever played it?! :p) Anyways Why am I so passionate about this photo you ask?!

Simply because I see those legs and these are all photos of inspiration I myself was posting a couple of years ago….but those same photos that got me so motivated crushed my spirits in an INSTANT. Let me explain….after thirty days 5 mins a day 30 second per exercise of WHATEVER crazy plan you’re following… after you accomplished this small but mighty victory youre discouraged when it just doesn’t yield the results that I see in those photos… you know why? BECAUSE NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY!  You can not, do not and WILL NOT get these bodies from 5 minutes a day. Health and fitness is a JOURNEY its a way of life that encompasses so much more than what goes on physically!

At the end of the day I want you to remember that this Journey is so much more than the photos you have saved in your phone or the amount of time it will supposedly take you to get there! The treasures of confidence you will gain along the way are better than any progress photo you will EVER be able to take of yourself! oh yeah and remember YOU ARE NOT gonna look like the girl in the magazine … the girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like the girl in the magazine 😉



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