LOW IMPACT WORKOUT! (no gym? no problem!)

I coached a low impact class at BC yesterday for the first time so here’s what we did!

-Complete all exercises for 1 minute! // Sip some water& repeat 3x (30min!)-

***as always make sure you consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise regime for the first time! 

  • Stationary skater– Pretend like you’re ice skating focus on form and not letting your feet hit! Video HERE!
  • No jump burpees! //Hands up reach for the sky bend down as if you’re going into a push up position legs out-core tight. Walk one leg in, then the other. Slowly come up and reach for the sky again.//Repeat!
  • Step-ups! // Find a curb or a nice sturdy step and step up with the right foot and then step down with the left foot// to kick it up just a bit try bringing the left leg up toward your chest and hold for approx 2-3 seconds while controlling your leg back on the way down. Switch the leg that your bringing up to your chest every other rep!
  • Toe Tappers // These can be interpreted two ways but today i’m using this as an ab workout. Lay on your back bring your legs up almost to a 90 degree angle and Tap those toes (you may not be able to tap your toes at first, that’s just a name! Tap your shins/Tap your quads or as my amazing co worker would say “Tap somethin’!” haha.
  • The Good ole self explanatory abdominal CRUNCH!// The most important thing i want you to remember here is don’t pull on that neck to hard its your abs doing the work not your arms!  oh yes and crunches are not sit ups! 😉
  • Plank reach! // Get into plank position Example here! while keeping your core tight and your head up i want you to reach with your right arm out in front of you & then alternate! (i actually included an example link to George Hood the local man in my community who set the WORLD RECORD for the longest plank 5 freakin’ hours!!! lol MY trainer was an official time keeper such a fun experience!) We always love to say at boot camp you can do this for 1 minute if George can do it for 5 hours!
  • Butterfly Squat! // i realized yesterday while coaching the low impact class at boot camp that this SHOULD be named starfish squat! HAHA i want you to put your feed hip width apart drop it down to a squat (ideally chair height!) when you come back up out of your squat position i want you to raise your arms and come up off the heels of your feet almost as if you’re going to jump….butttt you’re not there yet 😉 REPEAT! *REMEMBER TO CONTROL YOURSELF! FOCUS! FORM IS MORE POWERFUL THAN QUANTITY! 
  • Rising lunge! // The same idea as the squat except you’re going to be doing lunges and alternating legs this is not a stationary exercise so you may need a little room to play! 🙂
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST! – THE 4 JACKS – 4 PUNCH! // 4 jumping jacks and while you’re still moving 4 jabs like you just  missed out your favorite sale item!

REPEAT THIS 2-3X depending on time permitted. FOCUS and BE PROUD OF YOURSELF! all these are pre cursers to higher impact workouts ill introduce later but i coached a low impact class yesterday and wanted to share since in reality back to basics is always best! XOXO Happy Sweating! ❤

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