LOW IMPACT WORKOUT! (no gym? no problem!)

I coached a low impact class at BC yesterday for the first time so here's what we did! -Complete all exercises for 1 minute! // Sip some water& repeat 3x (30min!)- ***as always make sure you consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise regime for the first time!  3 High knee march-1 KICK!- MARCH LIKE [...]

5 fat loss tips you probably know but completely ignore! (&other tidbits)

I'm pretty mad at my self for how i ate this weekend after such a great week.....SO,i decided to write this to remind myself of what i already know,yet love to ignore & for you to enjoy! 😉 HAPPY READING!!         TOP 5 FAT LOSS TIPS WE'VE PROBABLY HEARD BUT IGNORE    1.EAT OUT [...]

Pineapple Bowl//HOW TO!

Tools needed: 1 Pineapple//1 Large Knife//1 Filet type knife//other seasonal fruits! SIMPLE SNACK! i love it! So its Day 3 of my cleanse I'm lagging on my Daily blog about it but not much changed about what i was taking really nothing changed.... the only thing that did change is my attitude! haha I'm just slightly [...]