Halloween Nails by a BAD ASS//a very exciting weekend to come!

Hey guys! So i’ve been working on a lot of fun projects lately and i even managed to put my very first Vlog (video blog on YouTube!) To watch it click here! I promise this is the MOST serious you will ever see me! haha i just wanted to give a run down of what my vlogging will consist of! It’s an evolving process I’ve already recorded a “Goodbye Love handles” workout and i cant wait to put it up there!!

******before i talk about the exciting weekend to come i have to touch base on the BAD ASS nails that my girl Lisa Pena-Wong did! She is a BOSS educator//nail designer extraordinaire at CND nails. She does nails for a TON of corporate people at Sony studios and has even done nails on people like UFC champion fighter Ronda Rousey ((black shellac since i know you’re all wondering! :p at least i did!)) && the cast of the new hit show  “Selfie”. Which included giving actor “Harold” from Harold and Kumar his first ever manicure! HAHA!  Anyways shes amazing and here’s the “Dia De los Muertos” themed design we did, i really just told her to have fun with it!! 🙂 #LPWNAILS ((click that hashtag to find her page!))


  • A very exciting weekend to come! 

Drumrolllllll…….Alright GUYS i’m so so excited to announce this Saturday i’m gonna be working out with two INCREDIBLE ladies! :p Chady Dunmore & freakin’ Ashley Horner!

FullSizeRender (1)

I’m so pumped i finally bit the bullet and got my ticket for Forever Fit camp in Coronado before they break for the holidays!! I even got a comment in response to a question i asked and @chadyd said we could sneak some SELFIES! I’m ridiculously excited to have the opportunity to learn from these two staples in the fitness industry and MAYBE just maybe get to pick the brains of these two ladies! I plan on bringing the GoPro and Vlogging as much of my experience as possible without taking away from my own! 🙂 Stay Tuned! 

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