Sorry guys I’ve been a little MIA i have been busy with work and just getting what i have to done haha but i truly missed blogging so here we go! Last Saturday i got such a great opportunity and i spent the day working out and getting advice from two of the BEST ladies in my opinion in the fit industry for SO many reasons but ASHLEY HORNER // CHADY DUNMORE!


They were truthfully so so down to earth and willing to answer any question thrown their way! (even managed to sneak in some selfies! 😉 )  it was a super intimate bootcamp session cause there was only about 9 of us, where you typically cant find one under 100 girls!  They were absolutely GREAT trainers both total opposites which i thought was hilarious! Chady was very “go at your own pace” – where as Ashley is balls to the wall “beat the person next to you,no no ifs ands or buts about it!” it was awesome! they shared their stories and answered questions also had quest nutrition and bodybuildingcom bags for everyone (( not to mention a bad ass shaker made by SPIDER BOTTLE OFFICIAL!! who doesn’t need a new shaker bottle in their life?! lol ))  it was worth the brutal workout! haha


i guess a big part of what i took from seeing them in their element  , total opposites and beautiful all in one is that I will never be the next chady dunmore or ashley horner cause i will be the best SAVANNAH if i allow my self to be , BOTH of these ladies were faced with ridiculous hurdles and struggles of their own and overcame them to become the best versions of them selves! We are not competing with the “greats” of the industry and im literally referring to any industry you want to be successful in , we are competing with OUR SELVES! I’m sure we have all read the quote “whether you believe you can or you cant , you’re right!” THE POWER BEHIND THIS IS UNREAL, the power behind POSITIVE THINKING is so true! I constantly have to remind myself that if i veer off course ITS UP TO ME to find another way there … just like a pilot flying to his destination  if i simply gave up on any sign of turbulence , we just wouldn’t get anywhere would we !? 🙂

The moral of my story is stay strong , there WILL be ups and downs you WILL want to give up…DON’T!

So last week at some point i got to take some photos with a co worker// friend of mine and i had a lot of fun!! I work for a hair care company that also puts out a magazine so i took advantage of the studio they had for the winter edition and took some fitness photos also trying to have my boss want me in the next issue HAH! soon ill get the originals but for now ill share some picture in pictures!



I’m learning so many things about how to pose and which ways look best the more I do things like this cause believe it or not its not easy! lol ….. i wish my arms were flexed in the picture below  and my lips wouldn’t twitch when holding a pose for too long HAHA ill make a post when i get ALL the originals and i will show you guys where i wish i would have done things differently! improvement every time, right?! 🙂 Below is one of my favorites!  I gotta cut a little bit more baby fat in those arms and ill be more satisfied personally but for now i’m grateful for the practice I had a lot of fun!

HBL_MAGGTL_Winter_2014-15Document Name_141023_735


So ridiculously proud of Mr.Handsome AKA Robby Valenzuela for taking his after work hobby and weekend love of ocean photography and put it into a 2015 “beach bum” calendar to sell ! Its full of local North county coastal shots and hes compiled 12 of his favorites from this summer to make this calendar! Check it out for yourself or purchase it for a loved one who needs some salt water and sand in their life!!!  also thanks ahead for any and all support!!

p.s if calendars aren’t needed but ocean photography is still appealing to you check out some canvas or 5×7 prints just like these! email for a custom one for yourself!



QUICK GRATEFUL MOMENT…. ran to the gym after work one day and ran into 6 friends ! could only snap a selfie with a few but I mean I KNOW I HAVE THE RIGHT FRIENDS WHEN I RUN INTO THEM HERE ❤ PROUD!!! lol and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABY!!! you inspire me everyday!


I WISH I HAD MORE TO ADD BUT SADLY I HURT MY KNEE so this week has been full of tortuous rest but I was literally limping when I got done with the forever fit camp and Ashley advised me to ICE AND REST ICE AND REST for about a week I was doing what I could but kept getting worse here I am a week later SLIGHLTLY tender but ready to get back at it! thank god!  Definitely learned the importance of rest from that one! Even though my mind was telling me GO,GO,GO… i’m quite sure this was a much speedier recovery then If I were to have tested the limits the whole time! OUCH!


Im super excited to be training for my first official 5k its not a half marathon or anything but I am typically stronger in strength training and im excited to set some goals for myself to round me as an overall fitness enthusiast! and who doesn’t love to be just that much stronger right!? 🙂

Getting a fresh pair of AISICS to break in and ill blog about why I prefer them for my feet in running and other fun training tips! this will be in a “MY FIRST 5K” section ill try my hardest to include a small training regime for any beginners as well!! 🙂

Another fun tidbit i’m gonna add is “YOGA FOR DUMMIES”

i’d like to have the top 5 moves for stress relief and why they are said to work for you! I personally find a TON of benefits from yoga and stretching but almost find my subconscious thinking its a waste of time!… NOT TRUE! 🙂


i’ve got big plans for my youtube page but was plagued with storage issues so i’m getting an external hard drive and were gonna get this show on the road again! 🙂

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! I have to share this post with you guys from a girl I follow it HIT MY SOUL! so we will call this SAVSMILES SPOTLIGHT!!!! http://instagram.com/p/ut8v0OiOlC/

its not the photo that got me this CAPTION moves worlds within me! ” I don’t get to the gym everyday. There are times when  walking the dog or getting the mail is about all I can manage to fit in between the spaces of my day which demand everything I have. There are days I don’t even get dressed or shower or do my hair at all for that matter…life happens. Workouts are a way to bring it back to equilibrium – NOT something to completely take you over. Becoming YOUR best athlete is just as much about allowing your body to recover as it is making demands of it. True Transformations are about the change it takes to NEVER be the same again… THAT requires balance!”

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