Fit couple beach workout!

*Sorry about the language! Song featured on the Movie Southpaw! fun fact this is Dana Lynn Bailey's husband for all you flag nor fail/ body building fans out there! Try this and drag a partner! 50 squats 50 push-ups 50 scissor kicks 50 sit-ups 50 burpees! (or ups downs) *QUICK TIP-split your sets into TWO making [...]

5 fat loss tips you probably know but completely ignore! (&other tidbits)

I'm pretty mad at my self for how i ate this weekend after such a great week.....SO,i decided to write this to remind myself of what i already know,yet love to ignore & for you to enjoy! 😉 HAPPY READING!!         TOP 5 FAT LOSS TIPS WE'VE PROBABLY HEARD BUT IGNORE    1.EAT OUT [...]


Sorry guys I've been a little MIA i have been busy with work and just getting what i have to done haha but i truly missed blogging so here we go! Last Saturday i got such a great opportunity and i spent the day working out and getting advice from two of the BEST ladies in [...]

Learning to love the process

Fitness.... like so many other aspects of our life takes a CRAP TON of patience. You can find yourself getting lost in STRICTLY the results , or lack of results sadly. When in truth results through fitness is a lot like watching a plant grow. You can stare at it all you want but you [...]