Junk food or no food … the great debate!

Figured id write about something that has crossed my mind many crazy hectic mornings and after a couple years on this journey what I’ve come to experience!



In a perfect world, we’d all have prepped meals , endless time and coolers or bags stocked full of healthy snacks to eat when we are hungry. BUT lets be real here i realize that’s not always an option.

First things first, let’s talk about what happens when don’t eat food.The first and most OBVIOUS downfall that we may not even pick up on is that it makes us hungrier and in turn making us more likely to BINGE the next time we finally do get time to sit down and have what we deem appropriate. That being said there is also the fact that you are depriving your body of nutrients by skipping meals.  This can lead to slowed metabolism,fatigue and can have you skipping workouts or “crashing” way before we should be!

 I know many of us lack on prepping our meals or we get discouraged on thinking of new ideas but skipping meals or even worse just flat out CONSCIOUSLY not eating does us far more harm! Touching base on the slowing of the metabolism.Many of us ignore our hunger and don’t realize that when the metabolism slows down this actually means the body HOLDS ONTO FAT and burn muscle in its place. (Keep in mind we are human and missing one or two meals is not something to completely fall apart about! but its not a good habit to start!)

Sooooooo that leaves us with the question…..Bad Food or No Food?

Since i’m not a nutritionist i cant FACTUALLY tell you that you’re doing THE PERFECT THING FOR YOUR BODY by not eating prepped meals every day….but i can tell you from experience that a few “so-so” meals every once in a while instead of NOT eating has always been more beneficial to me then starvation, any day!!!

Now if you’re someone like me who is hard on themselves this could mean a frozen wheat waffle with sugar free syrup and fruit instead of my preferred egg white and turkey omelette! or maybe you HAVE to go to the dreaded drive through don’t go crashing from thirty-thousand feet because you hit a little turbulence, instead think about how you can make an unhealthy meal a bit more nutritious. Asking for a side salad with Italian instead of a chicken Caesar with extra dressing,getting that chicken grilled instead of fried or even asking for that hamburger without the bun. its by far better then starving, cause for me the world is at danger if this girl gets HANGRY! 😉 HAHA

What do you think – is junk food better than no food?


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