How i stay up …. when i’m down!



That’s my anxiety reminding me that i’m HUMAN hah…. really though i know common it is to feel like your supposed to have it all together all the time. REALITY CHECK…. no one has it together all the time! lol  I do a few things for my SELF on days where i just don’t know which way is up!

1st things first….WRITE THAT S*** DOWN!!!! if something is nagging at you OVER AND OVER again in your head…. just write it down you will find that even though the problem isn’t necessarily solved it does give you some form of peace to know you got it out on paper and its not just a nagging thought or worry trapped in your head!

2nd I just to ask my self if what i’m feeling down or anxious about is truly tangible. Is it weather proofing? are you feeling down about something that hasn’t even happened yet or are you feeling anxiety about something that in reality cant harm you anyways? My MOM always used to tell me that constant worrying could unintentionally cause the non existent problems to actually occur! For example: you’re so worried that your attempt to get “fit” this time around wont work that you start missing workouts cause you don’t seeing results and eat shitty food because you think it will make you feel better when actually,in the end YOU FEEL WORSE & truly are not losing weight from missing that workout and eating your weight in ice cream… or pizza… or donuts… not speaking from experience here or anything ;p 

See what we do there?! lol Subconscious is an evil little bitch HAHAHA 😉

Last but not least PUT YOUR DEPRESSION/ANXIETY/ANGER anything that has you feeling “some type of way” TO WORK! Believe it or not…. all of these feelings have a purpose that can be used for either good or bad and YOU are the deciding factor there! I truly feel like when im in these moods ive got an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other and we have to make it a point to aknowlege our bad days while taking control of them! Remember to repeat to yourself I cant change my yesterday’s but i can change today! 

own your problems and put them to PURPOSE!!!! Happy Reading!

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