Day 5 Cleanse//Whats for dinner? Whats for DESSERT?!

Alright alright i was in a detox//cleansing FUNK the past two days and i KNOW its because this summer i re introduced soda to my diet … more like lack of diet and detoxing that sugar has not been fun for me!

ITS OK TO HAVE SAD PANDA DAYS we are all normal human beings BUT its how you pick up from those days and how you HANDLE those days that make you successful in the long run… I’ve said it before and ill say it again

This health/fitness lifestyle is exactly that a LIFESTYLE its all about long term consistency not short term perfection!  🙂


SO  last night  we decided on low carbs and made a really yummy Jalapeno chicken in the WOK and added it to a bed of romaine lettuce about a cup or more & added some cut tomatoes! i also wanted some good fat so i did a lime avocado mash with ground pepper and slapped that baby on top it was delish! IMG_1730

Product Spotlight! 


Found this absolutely AMAZING salad dressing by the name of “TESSEMAE’S” It had an extremely short list of ingredients and they were ALL NATURAL!  I was extremely impressed with the quality of this product! they have a ton of fun flavors as well! I want them all! believe it or not its hard to find HEALTHY pre-made salad dressing for being on the run or when you really just need something simple!

but the MAIN question is “WHATS FOR DESSERT?!” 


IMG_1735 (1)

 I have kind of seen this floating around once or twice and had to give it a stab for my self and MAN OH MAN was it AMAZING!!! Head on over to my recipe page for reference on how to make it!

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