Pineapple Bowl//HOW TO!


Tools needed: 1 Pineapple//1 Large Knife//1 Filet type knife//other seasonal fruits!

SIMPLE SNACK! i love it! So its Day 3 of my cleanse I’m lagging on my Daily blog about it but not much changed about what i was taking really nothing changed…. the only thing that did change is my attitude! haha I’m just slightly tired but ill get over it by day 5 for sure ((hopefully by tomorrow! lol)) any ways last night we had grilled fish tacos with a cabbage lime salsa! it was Delicious!! Tonight i really wanted something fun and yummy ….and I may or may not be craving something sweet due to P.M.S//sorrynotsorry  Instantly i thought of a really fun photo i had seen of a friend last week and i knew what i wanted to do! PINEAPPLEBOWL!!

 The only thing i wish i would have done differently is kept the top on until the end …cause it was more pleasing to my eye :p but WHATEVER a.k.a that doesn’t even matter! haha – First things first make sure your pineapple is RIPE! should be pretty firm and a nice almost golden color! Slice your top off if you want and cut it down the middle hot dog style! :p


Next take a smaller knife and cut all along the edges at an angle with the knife going toward the core!


Make sure to note it will be tougher around core at the top and bottom//After cutting around all the edges pull the chunk up as much as possible cutting with the sharp edge facing AWAY from your fingers! Pull out the middle.


Cut the “heart” up into whatever size you prefer and grab all the other fruits you have in the house to create a medley! it makes for a colorful fun dessert if you’re on a diet , eating healthy in general , or even a fun healthy snack for kids! Thanks for reading!! 🙂 Follow me on instagram at savsmiles123 for more frequent pictures if you aren’t already 😉 


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