Opti-Core |CORTISOL REDUCER 1st Phorm


I endandy-frisellaed up reaching out to the owner on INSTAGRAM to rant about this product, let me just say I suckkkkk at waking up but this stuff has helped me in a lot more ways then expected! Thank you @1stPhorm!!!






Hands down one of the MOST important AND forgotten factors is your hormones and background things as simple as getting enough sleep at night!  There’s NO WAY you will ever be able to get true, honest and HEALTHY results with lack of rest it truly will throw off the rest of your game, not to mention your ATTITUDE!

Once again I’d like to stress that supplements cannot and will not be your key to success but we all get by with a little help from our friends right!? Read about what your putting into your body brand name isn’t everything but ingredients are and once you know you’ve got the goods why turn away?!

Before I insert their description which I’ll do with all my reviews (because i can only imagine the time & thought they have to put into these descriptions to be able to convey your message & it deserves to be read)

I wanna go over a question that i’m sure you’re asking your self or want to ask me haha


Cortisol is often called the “stress hormone” because of it’s connection to the stress response, although, cortisol is much more than just a hormone released during stress.

Most bodily cells have a receptor specific to this hormone called a “cortisone receptor” easy enough right? Well this receptor affects different functions in your body the main function we will focus on right now is REGULATING METABOLISM if your cortisol levels are out of control there is a good chance your salt and water balance is off and in fact your metabolism will be sent into haywire mode as well. Cortisol however intimidating as it can be is EXTREMELY important in maintaining your healthiest you!

Now for the companies description…..


opti-core_9.pngThere are several key factors to losing fat and one of the most important, and often ignored is controlling the levels of the harmful stress hormone called cortisol. In today’s society stress is everywhere and whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional it increases your cortisol levels. When your cortisol levels remain elevated it signals your body to hold onto fat in your midsection as well as cause lethargy, anxiety, and a weakened immune system. Opti-Core™ was formulated to reduce your cortisol levels, bringing them back down to a healthy level, in order to promote optimal weight loss results and an overall healthier you. A prominent factor in reducing cortisol and maintaining those healthy levels is deep, restful sleep. The AdrenaCort Recovery™ in Opti-Core helps you unwind, and relax to reduce stress levels. By reducing stress and getting a relaxing night’s sleep, cortisol levels will be dramatically reduced. This optimizes your metabolism and allows your body sufficient time to recover to its full potential. We’ve addressed another key nighttime fat loss problem by adding our Lipozyme Optimizer™ to further enhance recovery. We do this by aiding in digestion and nutrient assimilation while you are asleep. A proper blend of digestive enzymes keeps your body’s metabolism working as efficiently as possible, keeping your metabolism up, even while you sleep. This positive impact on your metabolism not only helps assist with fat-loss while you sleep, but puts you in an optimal fat burning state immediately upon waking.

Moral of my shpeel is…..not just PRE WORK OUT and PROTEIN encompass what supplements are about! They are in fact a driving force in threading together all of your hard work to make a SOLID foundation! 🙂



Disclaimer: all opinions are my own and not fabricated or sponsored in anyway

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