pure|BLISS – My favorite from 1STPhorm


Don’t get confused! The name of the product is just BLISS but, man oh man it is PURE. I absolutely adore this stuff & coming from a girl who can barely remember to put her glasses on everyday…(EVEN WHEN I’M BLIND AS A BAT ;p haha)…the fact that I get excited enough to take this and continue to want to take this, is HUGE! Let me try to break it down for you!

*also a very important side note i want to clarify this will NOT be the key to your success you can never EVER supplement hard work and a good diet but mixed with those elements the sky is the limit!*


If you are a woman and looking to get rid of unwanted body fat, Bliss is for you. We all know that Women typically have a harder time losing weight. Bliss evens the playing field by boosting your metabolism, knocking out diet busting cravings, supplying you with usable energy , and even helps balance hormones. All without the dreaded jitters & rock bottom crash.

As the description from the site states, this stuff is evening the playing field for us stubborn women, no i’m not talking about how you wont say sorry to your hubby even though you know its your fault… not that kind of stubborn 😉 haha OUR STUBBORN BODIES, as women we all know its harder to drop the extra Lbs and even harder to get over a possible plateau you have hit! I’m telling you that if youhave thought about or are NOW thinking about adding a supplement to your program this is a GREAT jump start! I’m trying to help anyone out that like me, is sensitive to ingredients and actually cares about what they put into their body!

“HOW DOES IT FEEL?” One of the best things I can stress about this product is the fact that you almost cant tell what you feel, I mean being extremely in tune with my body I can for sure tell a difference when it comes to my performance while taking supplements but one of the most beautiful things about a GOOD supplement is it’s ability to bring out the best in you and not always the BEAST in you! haha don’t get me wrong i want you to kill your work out and lift as HEAVY as you want to lift but when you’re itching your neck on the way to the squat rack cause that NIACIN is kickin’ in from your no name stimulant…You’ll understand what i mean HAHA.

Stay Tuned for my shpeel on OPTI-CORE

If you’re thinking about it, GIVE IT A WHIRL and if you want more info be sure to check out the product page HERE! 


Disclaimer: all opinions are my own and not fabricated or sponsored in anyway

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