5 ways to put a smile on your partners face TODAY| Sav Between the Sweat

"Treat them like you're still trying to win them & you'll never lose them"       It's no secret...relationships are not always a walk in the park, matter of fact...unless that walk is filled with bills, consistent communication, or the daily battle of balancing your ambition and your love for your partner then i'm [...]

5 Reasons to finally accept your cellulite!

I have cried....sweat...lathered in cream & even tried to PRAY my cellulite away over the nearly 26 years I've been on this earth.... Truth is...90% of women are affected by cellulite with only about 10% of men being effected... SO...WHY SUCH A LARGE DIFFERENCE? While there are many reasons one of the more commonly unknown [...]

Fancy under Forty x OUTFIT DETAILS

Last night I went to my first official playbill broadway show & saw my forever fave...Jonathan Larson's RENT!  Pinch me, it was amazing...& Collins (Aaron Harrington) YOU STOLE THE SHOW! ANYWAYS...I posted a picture on Instagram not wearing gym clothes for the first time in lord knows how long, I got a GREAT response (Thank [...]