Our Gender Reveal for Baby Valenzuela


“Everything is growing rounder and wider and looking weirder & still I sit here in the middle of it all wondering who in the world you will turn out to be”



OUR GENDER REVEAL SEPTEMBER 2018…We had NO idea what was going to come out of those cannons my best friend was the only person who had seen the sonogram until this day!

Images captured by https://kirstiebphotography.com/



I had basically a vision of this tropical themed gender reveal showcasing pineapples for girls and turtles for boys…which is why my AMAZING took it upon her self to make stickers (shown above) for people to wear based on what they thought the baby was!!

I also made DIY water bottle labels that turned out to be super complicated but absolutely adorable  & spent all night attempting my first balloon arch with mama smiles!  (much harder than expected!)




Pardon the lack of manicures here…it was a long week and HEY this is real life…dont make me come look at your cuticles lmao…but Robby & I did not know the gender while we took these photos! My bestie was SO amazing about snatching this up before we had the chance to even THINK about peeking!!! DSC_0049DSC_0047


Moments before…Robby was so good about calming our nerves and making me feel like it was JUST us two standing there in that moment…until the baby gave me a HUGE kick in picture number two! lol


Countdown in 3…2…1!!!!


Truly such an amazing day and experience I HIGHLY suggest you doing a gender reveal for your first baby, it was awesome to have our close family and friends there WITH us while we found out we were bringing a BABY BOY into the world to carry on the VALENZUELA name!



xoxo, SavSmiles

all images captured by https://kirstiebphotography.com/

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