Starving | 5 myths about not eating & weight loss


lightpinkdots.pngFirst things first, to the poor sweet “skinny” girl in the photo above (me)…you were so unhealthy.  I am so sorry that I sent you into a complete spiral of not eating & making yourself think that was the right way to achieve your goals. Throwing up every morning & really playing some dangerous games with your blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia, self-induced!)

THIS SavSmiles is what QUICKLY turned into OVERWEIGHT SavSmiles  & while I am thankful it took me on this journey of motivating others.

Never Again.


Truth is…there are 30 MILLION people affected by some form of an eating disorder ranging from anorexia,bulimia or binge eating…the tougher realization behind that is the fact that a large portion of these disorders stem from self-image alone.

I know there are people out there that believe in order to LOSE weight they must completely deprive themselves of “good food” and to them sometimes it means food all together! SO…i’m going to do what I can to help!



5 myths about weight loss & not eating!


1. “Eat less, move more!”

The KEY reason most people will think this is a good idea is simply because in order to lose fat, more calories need to be leaving your fatty cells then entering them. ASSUMPTION says “eat less” but, the hard part about this EXTREME is that you will create an unhealthy psychological relationship with your food and more then likely BINGE your way back to your original weight if not MORE!

2. Carbs are BAD

This myth is one of the most popular and if you have ever been around women in your life the first thing they will pass on when trying to lose weight is BREAD. While low carb diets are scientifically proven to help with weight loss it doesn’t mean that CARBS ARE BAD….the key is figuring out the difference between your REFINED carbs aka sugars and modified grains but REAL FOOD that are high in carbs are great for you! Instead of swearing them off all together, try swapping your white rice for brown, your russet potato with a red or sweet potato, and that white bread for whole-grain bread don’t deprive yourself, EDUCATE yourself! CARBS ARE STRENGTH!


In a perfect world, we’d all have prepped meals , endless time and coolers or bags stocked full of healthy snacks to eat when we are hungry and trying to achieve our goals BUT lets be real here I realize that’s not always an option….. NOT eating is going to harm you far more than the pound or two you MIGHT lose that day…from ramping up your stress levels aka CORTISOL to creating a flat out OBSESSION with the next time you’re going to eat is a form of an eating disorder in its self!

AT THE END OF THE DAY…something a a little less healthy than what your current plan calls for will take you further than flat out skipping your meal or fasting all together!


This is one of the hardest things to explain to people, and it really gets my STEAMING when cosmopolitan shares a gorgeous “plus size” woman taking care of herself and her health and everyone jumping on them about “ADVERTISING OBESITY” and how unhealthy they must be. Truth is, SKINNY FAT is an epidemic…women are more focused on being SKINNY then HEALTHY and as a result they lack muscle mass, store fat around their organs. While the word MUSCLE may scare you it’s so important to realize that a TONED look requires even a little bit of muscle and you’d be surprised the work it ACTUALLY takes to become the body builder physique that scares SO MANY girls away from picking up a weight…

Bottom line: just because you are SKINNY does not mean you are HEALTHY and vice verse!



5. It was a DIET soda..duh!

A lot of junk food is marketed as healthy. The first time I really started learning that “low fat” was technically its own way of saying “REPLACED WITH FAKE STUFF!” other examples are “fat-free” foods and the ever so popular work “DIET” which are just disgustingly modified products disguised as a a friend with a shoulder to lean on when you’re trying to lose weight! lol!

A good rule of thumb: If the packaging of a food is ADVERTISING how healthy & low fat it is…chances are it’s not.

If you can’t pronounce it on the ingredient list or it looks like a CVS receipt with 10 million words you will never read…put it down &  opt for the REAL version with REAL ingredients!


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