I’m really good at being me!

  • So this will most likely be followed up with some type of a VLOG because i have so much to say about this subject.

Last night i was working out thinking to myself about being more consistent on this blog thing or perhaps just blabbing to you guys on my you tube channel without worrying about what “direction” my pages theme is headed. HAH Anyways i started thinking about all the reasons I’ve “stopped” pursuing the vlogging,blogging and fitness posts in general thinking about why I’ve gotten discouraged in the multiple times i have stopped and started all over again. It all boils down to intimidation. I was never going to be as good as “insert flashy Instagram handle here”. Or maybe the fact that i wasn’t seeing the feedback or the amount of viewers i wanted,i assumed i wasn’t good enough at squats or photo taking haha i definitely  wasn’t giving my self the worth i deserved….the kind of worth we all deserve…… I am not great at any one certain thing or have millions of followers watching my every move because i have the body of a goddess sent from Greece herself haha…. TEYANA TAYLOR i’m comin’ for you girl 😉   i was working so hard to find a NICHE for my self.

But I  have finally to realized that i will NEVER find success trying to be like them, because it’s true…. i’m no good at being THEM….but i am REALLY good at one thing and that’s being ME!  🙂

Same goes for you! Don’t create your OWN shadow by walking in someone elses spotlight!!!!

I will continue to claw,sweat,fight,laugh and travel my way to my best self all while inconsistently sharing it with you along the way! If you or even i can take one thing from this BLOG it’s that the end of the day if you can let go of every negative judgmental and insecure thought about your self and stop comparing, You can really start to tap into the passion that once paralyzed you!

xoxo & Happy Reading SavSmiles



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