Creatures of habit


Here i am ….at the beach …with a FREAKIN’ water! This almost felt odd… you know why?! because i am a creature of habit, much like many of you. Meaning a lot of the time i end up (subconsciously) tying food cravings to activities…. example; i live coastal i am almost ALWAYS heading to the beach with the same “crew” of friends with coolers and boogie boards in the summer and those coolers are ALWAYS filled with sodas,beers and a VERY small amount of water just enough to suffice and avoid some dehydration HAHA (sad) It actually took EFFORT for me to make sure i was reaching for a water i know almost matter of factly that i wouldn’t have been craving the soda so badly if it wasn’t tied to this event in particular. This can be compared to SO many other aspects of mine and your life as far as “every time i see a movie i HAVE to get a popcorn and slushy” …NOT true we can and will enjoy the movie just as much with a healthy snack in our hand …. DONT GET ME WRONG i want to enjoy all the wonderfully horrible foods out there and you can too! But when i have fitness goals for my self and it comes down to making my self feel that i can’t go have fun because i can’t …(more like convinced my self i can’t) go do those things without stuffing my self with JUNK… that is NOT ok. I refuse to make this fitness journey MISERABLE  and it all starts with your MINDSET you absolutely can’t expect positive thinking to just APPEAR. It is much like a muscle that needs to be stretched and exercised on a daily basis and it too like a muscle will grow and become easier to exercise. Breaking a habit will never be easy especially food habits as much as your subconscious might be screaming at you that its different and weird … keep pushing eventually you will become stronger mentally and be able to easily make healthier decisions in your future activities! 🙂


  1. Hey Savannah! (did I spell that right?)…. I love your spunk in life and the attitude of “if you want it, go get it”! Keep on keeping on girl! You inspire me! 🙂


  2. I love how you put so much effort into what you do! Not only have you changed your life, you have helped so many others and you continue to promote a healthy lifestyle to everyone around you. I really have enjoyed watching your journey and how you have inspired others! I couldn’t be more proud of my young fam!!! Love you and keep on keepin on!!!


      1. Awww Thank you sweetheart, I love you too and I am touched that it means alot to you. I think you and I have alot in common; your motivation and determination and even our build..I too have the booty and the thighs and the smaller upper portion lol and I was often unhappy with my thighs as I compared them to my friends as I grew up but as I got older I accepted it more. I still enjoy watching your posts and watching how people respond to you and I know you are a beautiful person with a beautiful personality. I so wish I could have been there to watch you grow up and get to know you. One day I will get there and meet you and all of my other family who was born after I moved. My step father was in the Military and it took us all over the world. Up until I was 15, I would go to California every summer and be able to see everyone, but then I got a boyfriend and stopped going for the summers (dumb young mind lol) and then we moved to Virginia when I was 18 and then I had kids and now my daughter has kids and the story goes on. Haha but I do love my family out there and I miss everyone so much and would love to see them again soon. I will get there but please don’t ever think I don’t come because I don’t love everyone, finances are the main reason. I am that average american living paycheck to paycheck ugh lol. I hope you all enjoy and happy and healthy holiday season and keep on inspiring others as you have been! People depend on you and your beautiful smile!♡


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