Ballin’ on a Budget: Travel in Sav’s shoes

dsc_0882.jpgdsc_0759.jpgdsc_0766.jpgdsc_07081-e1516241529272.jpgdsc_0825.jpgPictures from Kona 2017 |Full Blog to come!

TRAVEL has an EXPENSIVE stigma + CHEAP TRAVEL usually comes with the thought of 3 hour lay overs or red eye flights…I’m breaking the mold! BUT, truth is…Saving money is appealing to just about anyone so whether you are a student pinching pennies or an established CEO I feel like these tips & tricks can help you save some coins when you are planning your next vacation!

While moving to San Diego from what is essentially FARMTOWN, CA in 2010 was a vacation in it’s self my real love for travel came with my first trip to the big island of Hawaii with my best friend in 2011.


My first Vacation |Kona, Hawaii 2011 –  Kona Coast Resort

       I actually remember NEVER wanting to leave mainly because I felt I wouldn’t ever be able to experience this again, I grew up in a single parent household where even going across town was considered a financial burden at times because “MY GAS TANK HAS TO LAST ME ALL MONTH,SAVANNAH” (mad respect for you mom!)

Since then I have traveled every year…. Loreto,Mexico…Oahu,Hawaii…Tulum, Mexico…Playa del Carmen, Mexico…Cabo San Lucas, Mexico…Tulum (again), Cabo San Lucas (again),  Kona, Hawaii (again) – BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS! Now I want to help you! 




1. Off-Peak travel times 

One of the most important things when it comes to even starting the process of planning is to know WHEN to start looking, think BEACH IN THE WINTER type vibes, meaning if you want ANY TYPE of deal I wouldn’t start looking for CANCUN on SPRING BREAK or PARK CITY, UTAH around January (sundance film festival) and wonder why prices are outrageous haha.

2. Check Fare Calendars not specific dates

Once you have narrowed it down to perhaps what month you want to travel or even a general idea, you can search on sites like Kayak and elect to see the couple days before or after what was typed into the search bar, essentially you can see first hand that traveling on days like TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY as opposed to a FRIDAY or SATURDAY is typically going to cut your bottom line significantly!


Unless you have a significant amount of miles to use which can help you save on flights I will always stress the DRASTIC money that can be saved when you bundle your flight and hotel, Most of the time you are practically getting your flight for free BUT you must realize you don’t have as much flexibility to change or upgrade accommodations as easily as booking separately. You win some…you lose some, but at lease you wont lose money! ha

4.Price Match

One of my favorite things to take advantage of is PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE. Most companies offer this for finding a lower rate on the SAME EXACT deals. For example I search for most of my tropical destinations on Cheap Caribbean but I’ve been there and done that with their customer service so I tend to like to book with Expedia. Even if you find something ONE DOLLAR CHEAPER screen shot it a.s.a.p Expedia will not only match that price but you will get a $50 dollar credit for having found a cheaper price! SCORE!

5. Go incognito OR Use different computers

Sadly and freakishly most websites have a way of storing the prices you have already seen making it harder to find a cheaper price when searching on the same computer, If you know how to browse the internet in INCOGNITO mode I highly suggest doing so and seeing the difference. If not you can always run over to your neighbors house and ask for a cup of sugar…and to use their laptop! HAHA!

Safe travels & Thanks for reading!

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Tulum 2016Tulum 2015DCIM100GOPROG0152372.DCIM100GOPROG0282566.DCIM100GOPROG0172439.


Loreto, Mexico 2012 – Villa Del Palmar 

Oahu, Hawaii 2013 – Sheraton Waikiki

Cabo San Lucas 2014 – Playa Grande Pacific side 

Riviera Maya, Mexico 2015 – Barcelo Maya Caribe 

This was a swim up suite round trip all inclusive for $1800 TOTAL! Not per person!
Did i mention it was for 8 days + 7 nights?

Cabo San Lucas, 2016 – Villa Del Palmar

Found out this trip that you can upgrade to first class for only $50 dollars on Alaska Airlines when you’re flying under 250 miles! (notice how happy Robby is to be flying first class for the first time! lol)

Tulum, Mexico 2016 – Grand Oasis 




  1. I just LOVE you kiddo!!! (all respect with the “kiddo”). This is one I will truly save for the future! Keep up the awesome work and let me know when your man is available for a shoot with my grand babies. I would seriously want to barter!

    Veronica 😀

    *Veronica Basulto~ **Your Personal Development Coach~ 760-492-4755*

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