Back To Basics: a commitment

I can’t seem to find my motivation…So, i’m gonna create it!



     Sometimes you fall off the wagon for months. Sometimes you tell yourself your going to start fresh on Monday and by Wednesday you’ve already fallen back off. Sometimes you have to restart a 100 times & it’s frustrating. But it will be okay. You can do this. One day at a time.


For those of you that have followed my journey up until this point, I have accomplished some big goals & I’ve been so happy to share them with you! As of lately though I have felt a little lost as far as my NICHE in fitness. I no longer coach boot camps at a local gym like I used too, and to be honest I just spread myself a bit too thin in 2017 between full time job, full time college, SWEAT WITH SAV & taking on some amazing new opportunities for SAVSMILES.

Annnd those of you that haven’t followed my journey up until this point & you’ve found yourself on this blog, I feel the urge to explain that I haven’t always been fit by any means & I’ve dedicated the past couple years to finding self love in all the sweaty places! 😉


With that being said, I’ve really lost some motivation when it comes to creating and DOING the workouts that I produce. I want to challenge myself to get back to the basics of what built me up to this point & even though I am a certified personal trainer, I need a trainer too!

I’m happy to say that I’m going to be doing BBG (Kayla Itsines) for 8 weeks & find my balance back in the basics & help motivate others to do the same!!!!!

In that time, I want to dedicate the sparks that will come to sharing a bit more on here about how I’ve made fitness a lifestyle in the world of fads!

Cheers to Goals & accountability, ready to ride with me?…or just wish me luck! ha!


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