I appreciate every single supporter, these videos take time and it means the world to me if I can even help ONE person, because if I can do this…I know ANYONE CAN!

The bands I’m using are 9 dollars and can be purchased here! #notsponsored

*Wearing the Summer 2017 Adidas Avenue A box curated by Wanderlust! LOVE!


  • Resistance Band Burnout! 🔥
  • Squats x20
  • Split Squats x20
  • Deadlifts x20 (no bands? use ANYTHING 💦)
  • Feet together glute bridge x20
  • Feet apart glute bridge x20
  • Plank leg lift x20 (each leg)
  • Plank step out x20 (each leg)
  • Leg extension x20 (each leg) *not pictured
  • Repeat 3-5 times! 💥

JUST BECAUSE THIS SAYS 5 TIMES doesn’t meant that is YOUR level of fitness your best is the best & we all start somewhere!

this mother's dayheart-2


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