55 Second AMRAP

a84797e8b52ed41e6d65a76120d63094_one-beautiful-home-single-doodle-arrow-clipart_3163-918as many reps as possible!

In my own effort to support Word Oceans Day 2017 ..

I’m  wearing a fun OCEAN THEMED outfit #GiftedByAdidas

Here is this FAST & easy NO EXCUSES workout inspired by Hannah Bronfman! Thanks again for all the support, if you use this feel free to share it!


Below are some fun graphics i made with the Adidas x Parley

mission statement!

*You can find out more about the RUN FOR THE OCEANS project with Adidas HERE

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


*Disclaimer: Although this amazing outfit was Gifted By Adidas this is in no way sponsored, my thoughts & opinions are my own

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