5 things you can start today for a healthier tomorrow

5 things you can start today for a healthier tomorrow!


1. Stop pretending like Monday is THE new moon.

      When it comes to  lifestyle changes the first thing most of us say or think is “I’ll start Monday”…As if Monday has some magical power to wipe our slate of binge eating & junk food fantasies clean, LOL! Truly though, if you think about it there is no proof that suggests your lifestyle change will work any better if you start them on the first day of the week! STOP this, know that you can start TODAY you can start TOMORROW you can fall off the wagon and bump your knee, CURSE the wind & quit only to turn around & start again the same damn day…there is NO rules to this! Remember, the chaos is coming from within! 


2. Let yourself learn!

      I remember too many times starting a workout, being motivated & setting up such high expectations for myself that 9 times out of 10 I finished that workout being more discouraged than determined to say the least….I only began to truly enjoy my workouts when I started to let myself be a beginner, I HAD to let myself LEARN instead of LEAD. It’s not that you’re gonna magically be the best but you’re making progress & THAT sense of victory is a much sweeter taste, trust me.


3. Don’t Diet!

      I cant stress this enough!!! No sustainable lifestyle starts and ends with a “diet” & quite frankly you will start to associate the negative feelings with all the positive changes you’re making! If you go cold turkey on your favorite foods & you’re a grump because you cant live off honeybuns anymore you will start to be a grump about ANYTHING that has to do with fitness.

MY SUGGESTION: start slow…If one of your worst habits is McDonald’s cheeseburgers then try making a replica yourself! You heard (read) me right!! I want you to eat that damn burger today but try making it yourself! Apply this to all your meals for the next month & see what a GOOD HOME COOKED MEAL can do for your body & health…you’re going to be surprised about how much it’s not what you’re putting in your body but what’s IN what you’re putting in your body


4. Hydrate, Hydrate + Hydrate!

      DON’T YOU DARE SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH! Hah! I almost caught you…I know you’ve heard it a million times before & for more then a million reasons “drink more water“…but, does water REALLY help you lose weight? YES! There is literally no debate that a faster metabolism will help you lose more weight and drinking more water helps you do just that! There are handfuls of recommendations about HOW MUCH water to drink but if you’re anything like me it’s simply easier said then done..i’m the definition of scatter brain & could forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my shoulders! If you’re starting from scratch don’t go beating yourself up if you don’t hit 64oz everyday (4 water bottles, calm down lol) the fact that you’re even willing to make a CONSCIOUS effort will get your further then you can imagine!



5. Find your WHY & bring the fire!

      When you have a WHY you strengthen your WILL…Shall I go into the classic “where there is a will there is a way” because i’m telling you that when you start building a s o l i d foundation for yourself and have your OWN reasons, your OWN victories and your WHY, there’s no storm or there is no person that can take it away from you! Don’t get me wrong…they will try! You’re still going to have bad days & you’re still going to be tested, but having that WHY that’s in alignment with your true intention is going to make it THAT much easier to get up when the spark is fading and bring the whole damn fire with you! 


6. WASH YOUR FACE! HA I know I only said 5 but you know how I feel about skincare!!! 😉 (If you don’t know then you aren’t watching my IG stories)

Keep a look for my blog coming about my skincare tips + tricks & a giveaway! 

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