Find Your Bliss

I remember it so vividly the FIRST time I finished a workout I didn’t think was possible!

I thought to myself “I trusted you all these years” 😂🙈

Sounds crazy but up until that point, anytime I had thought “I can’t do this” I would listen & stop, not this time & NEVER AGAIN 

That moment was 2 years ago now but i decided to write about it today because i will never forget it!



I had just finished boot camp i think i was a month or two into it at this point, maybe more…I could get through the workouts but still felt an extreme lack of confidence and strength…I thought we were DONE for the night and Brittany my trainer yells out “4 laps”

WTF are you kidding me? I’m not sure if I can make it home let alone continue to work out but i dragged my pouty ass outside and started with the task…

lap 1 wtf…..

lap 2 what the ACTUAL F**K hahahah

Headed into the third lap i was already positive i was gonna stop, Brittany was a new trainer and she was standing outside “what are you doing” she said …. i joked about how i was resting and she just sternly told me to continue on because “if I don’t change anything nothing will change”

Alright alright ms.philosopher ill keep going….i’m not sure whether i was MAD at her (lol sorry girl) in reality looking back now i can see those moments you’re really just mad at yourself and a bit embarrassed for feeling so exhausted, you’re convinced this just isn’t for you!

BUT half way through that third lap and into the fourth i KNOW i tapped into this level of energy or more like this level of STRENGTH i had never felt before….essentially it was me OUT SMARTING my “subconscious” aka that insecure little voice telling you that you’re gonna die and you’d better just stop right in your tracks haha….it wasn’t happening this time,  i ROCKED those last two laps and ran back to help someone behind me run it in

I remember thinking to myself and to that weak subconscious  of mine “I’VE TRUSTED YOU MY WHOLE LIFE” & here i was defying everything my body was telling me i couldn’t do!  worked out for a freaking hour and ran a mile WHO WAS THIS LADY?! oh wait lets also mention I DIDN’T DIE hahah

i know i know we say “listen to your body” but you have to be really in tune with your TRUE self to know when you really need to take a break vs when you’re just being a little b**** #sorrynotsorry but its true.

I now know the difference and find such strength in telling my weak mind to SHOVE IT during a tough workout!





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